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The Narrative of Alcohol / The Narrative of Alcohol was commissioned by the Openbaar Minister of Netherlands as a research seeking the connection between alcohol, violence and teenagers. Premixed alcoholic drinks - also known as alcopops - are especially made to appeal teenagers and introduce them to alcoholic drinks. Cocktails have often catchy-evokative names, appealing colours and often an appealing design too.
Goal of this research is to show the narrative of colours and how colours can evoke feelings and desires thus acting as 'brands' in alcoholic drinks. The research analyses around 200 different drinks dividing them by hues and uses the resulting colour palette to make a colour related image research.
The result is a colour map showing that the most used colour in alcoholic drinks is red, which is one of the most powerful colour standing for sexuality, love, violence, danger and anger. Finally, by surveying people of different age groups about their alcoholic preferences and habits, the colour map also show that as people get older, the colour of their drink get darker. Book,